Annual Servicing

We offer our main service which is detailed below, and also offer separate services for specific problems which are detailed further down the page.

  • Bodywork exterior
  • Bodywork interior (including damp test and report)
  • Chassis and Running Gear
  • Water system and appliances
  • Gas supply and appliances
  • Electrical systems 240v and 12v
  • Fire and Safety

Truma Service Partner
We are a Truma service partner meaning if your Truma product develops a manufacturing fault we can diagnose and repair the product for you and make the claim directly to Truma UK (during warranty period if applicable), We are fully aware of how all the Truma boiler/heaters work and how to diagnose and repair even the most intermitant of problems, We can also advise you on how to use your product to get it operating at its best. if you have any issues at all please give a call.

We can also do the same for any of the caravan/motorhome space heaters inluding the blown air section and 240v electric system, water inlet systems, Caravan Movers, Air conditioning systems please give us a call and let us show you our expertise in this area.

If you are one of the few with the new Combi D (diesel) heater we are also able to diagnose and repair this system. We can also Supply and/or retro fit any of the Truma Products including their full range of caravan movers including the new R range. We are not worried if you have had any of these products fitted elsewhere....Let us provide the Excellent service we are getting known for ..... On Your Truma Product.

Damp Testing
All of the above (with exception of the caravan chassis service) receive a full damp test with report using an industry standard Protimeter survey master damp tester. Damp testing can also be carried out on its own, if they are any concerns in any area or if you have any doubts please do not hesitate to Call us for advice.

Parts and Spares
We have a good selection of parts available at all times and have the ability to source most parts within a couple of days give us a call with your requirements.

Appliance Servicing
It is recommended that all gas appliances are serviced every 12 months to ensure they continue to work safely and efficiently, we are ACOPS gas registered for LPG and can carry out appliance servicing either as part of a service or on their own, Discount will apply if carried out during a service.

Gas Testing
We can carry out a full gas system soundness test to ensure you have no leaks on your gas system or locate and rectify them if you have an issue, we can also carry out a full gas commisioning test and supply a certificate where required (some insurance companies request this).

PIR (Periodic Inspection Report)
The PIR is a complete check of the entire electrical system in your caravan/motorhome. It is recommended that this is done when a caravan or motorhome reaches 3 yrs old and then should not exceed 3 years after that. This will be offered during an annual service

Electrical additions/repairs/fault finding
We can carry out any kinds of electrical additions to the 240v system (mains) I.E extra plugs,to the approved standard. We can also carry out repairs and fault finding to diagnose where and how to rectify any electrical issues you may have.

We also do the same for your 12v system rectifing lighting problem's ,finding out why a particular fuse keeps blowing, adding alarm/tracking systems, solar systems, satellite systems, fitting additional batteries and charging systems. The list goes on if you have any problems or individual requirements please contact us.

External Points
Whatever your requirements are for external power,gas BBQ points,Gaslow fill points,shower points and blown air (awning) give us a call we have many options to ensure you have what you want, where you need it.

Give us a call for any kind of accessory as we are able to supply and fit just about anything available for caravans and motorhomes, Cat 1 Thatcham approved alarms for Motorhomes with pager updates and tracking devices, wheel clamps, chocks, ramps, reversing cameras/sensors, Audio systems, Solar and Satellite systems etc etc the list is virtually endless with so much available on the market at present please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Floor Delamination
We can take that un-wanted 'spring' out of your step by carrying out a tried and tested process to rebond the upper and lower laminates to the foam core/insulator in the floor of most caravans, giving back the feeling of a solid floor again if a soggy floor is an issue in your caravan then, let us put it right please call us.

Shower/Bathroom tray repair/replacement
We are happy to remove a damaged or cracked shower tray and carry out a virtually invisable repair,This is usually done in the event of a replacement being either too expensive or impossible to source.

Carpet Replacement
If your caravan or motorhome has a fixed carpet that is past its best or you just want a change of colour give us a call to replace it ... you chose the colour

Laminate/Worktop Repairs
If you have any damaged laminates or worktops in you caravan or motorhome avoid costly replacement give us a call on a vitually invisable repair.



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